post-daylight saving

Honestly, I barely slept yesterday. With Daylight Saving Time and my dog waking me up, I maybe slept 5 hours? My brain felt like jello all day on Sunday, but really that could be my motto for all of last week in general.

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looks are deceiving-this wind was cray

There is something about freezing weather that has Michigan people complaining about winter depression and a lack of Vitamin D. Let’s go real there, having spent enough time in Alaska, things could be so much worse. As you guys know, I’m a sucker for winter and colder places in general (my happy spots). However, last week turned from winter into spring into crazy wind storm into negative degrees within 5 days. Like I still don’t even know how all of that even happened. If you checked the news, you probably saw Detroit or Ann Arbor getting hit pretty hard, but that wasn’t even the worst. Northport was one of the windiest places in MI for 2 days straight, making it to the top of the list one of the days. I tried running once because it was otherwise pretty warm outside, but that ended up being futile. The wind was 60+ mph, trees were down on every trail and life didn’t feel easy. Okay, I thought, I can wait these 2 days for the wind to stop and then we can go on from there. Of course, then it turned into 0-degree weather and since Friday, it’s been a high of 15 degrees max. Go Michigan weather.

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most amount of ice now compared to all winter #currentlymidMarchtho

When Mother Nature throws me a week full of insane, unpredictable weather, I start feeling like I’m in hibernation mode or something. All week I felt pretty out of it and exhausted. I didn’t have the energy to plan a big park exhibit or anything, so it was a pretty chill week (tbh). I don’t like feeling this way often, so I feel like that was my time to play the card and from now on, I’m gonna strive to find more adventure. But, alas, life is about balance, and when my body/mind/spirit needs a chill pill, I have to oblige (#yogirules).

And my dad was up north with me, so I got to spend time with him and my dog. Unfortunately, he’s having surgery tomorrow (fingers crossed) so I got stuck with the family dog for a week to take him off of my recovering father’s hands. He’s a Bichon, so he’s pretty temperamental and sometimes high-maintenance, but it’s all good. I honestly forgot what it was like to take care of another living being while I’ve spent the past few months in solitude up north. I mean, it’s been great, I really feel comfortable with myself and the fact that I can even enjoy time just by myself means I’m making great strides. But it’s also been nice to have a dog around so that I remember how to (act with) take care of other living beings, like our dog Prince. When the mornings were so pitch black or the days that I didn’t feel like moving, it was nice to have this little dog to remind me to get outside and at least enjoy the fresh air (though it would have been nice if it at least snowed).

we like nice hikes and warm coats




So, yeah. Last week was very uneventful. My highlight was probably last night when I got drunk off a glass of wine (what is my life these days) and started to search my family trees on It’s actually super cool and I like learning about where I came from in this crazy world (Ireland and Czechoslovakia). But yeah, fingers crossed that it actually starts to warm up soon, so I’m not forced to run in 10-degree weather every day (and endure asthma-like coughing each time). Spring not may be my favorite season, but I’m like, ready.

Go ahead, let me know what you’ve been up to. I, for instance, had a great return enter my bank account. I could really use some inspiration this week, though.


at least I’m advancing in my wheel pose these days



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