dusk enchantment


I came across that poem the other day, and something really resonated within me through it (must follow @gabywrites, her poetry is illuminating). There is something about sitting here right now, pondering while I reflect out the window in front of me. I just watched the sun peek out above Lake Michigan for just a second, before dark skies started to pull down (at 5PM, welcome to Michigan #grayeststate). I’ve got the Spotify “Winter Acoustics” playlist jamming, because string instruments just emulate the vibe I’m feeling right now. I am here right now, and I feel universally blessed to get this view right now, and these days my soul truly feels alive like the sun is shining down on me. A moment of remoteness and solitude is what my (Capricorn) soul needed to reconnect with my consciousness and present awareness. Then again, I am a winter fanatic and I just needed to be somewhere where the temperatures dropped to 0 degrees and snow fall was a constant.


In the now, as I have one more week to go to finish my undergraduate classes (#finally), I feel lucky to get the time to pursue winter sports. I have to share this picture with the world, because a month ago, I was in an urban area of Michigan where outdoor running really wasn’t accessible in the wintertime. It had me feeling down, but here I am in northern-Michigan, running in 18 degree weather and feeling more than alive. I know I’ve talked about how my least favorite part about running is the beginning-trying to get the pace and those certain muscles back-but doing it in such a spirited environment takes my mind off of those facts. It’s been nice to get back into my yoga practice, because I’ve been able to supplement my cardio with deep stretching. I am doing my best to focus on me, right now, and both practices work towards that goal. Plus, all that recent practice on Astavakrasana (essentially balancing your legs stretched on your upper arm) has me learning just how excited I am about keeping up this healthy practice.

this view though

Do you ever have super vivid dreams, where they just feel so real when you wake up? It happened to me last night and I generally don’t dream (or don’t remember them ever), so when a vivid dream creeps upon me, it really sticks with me. Without giving away too much detail, there was this guy that I had a summer fling with like 4 years ago, and out of the blue my consciousness remembered those months for me. I haven’t thought about this person in years and I didn’t think that he left a real impression on me (#sorrynotsorry), but when I woke up I so did not feel that way. Anyone with dream interpretation knowledge, get at me. I rarely remember these things, and that one just felt too real and left me out of sorts this morning as I drank my black coffee.

It has snowed enough in the past few days for me to try my hand at cross-country skiing. The gear was available, the conditions were fresh, and I have an abundance of friends who seem to think that skiing is greatest thing alive (doubtful). Nevertheless, I watched quite a few Youtube videos and headed outside. To be honest, I haven’t touched a pair of skis since I was 16 years old, when I had an unfortunate introduction to skiing on my birthday. I remember swearing off the sport forever (high school egocentrism), but I am ready to face my fears head on now. I am not the most balanced person ever, hence the yoga, nor am I graceful (also hence the yoga practice). I am working on those agility skills, however, and I’m excited to try out a new winter sport. I haven’t been near accessible climbing in the past 9 months, so I’m just excited to be working towards something new and fun. The first run was not remotely pretty. I tried again this morning, when the temperature was 15 degrees (#notwarm) and it was a perfect morning. I’m starting to figure out this gliding situation and it was amazing to be out on the trails after the snowfall this week. I was alone, committing myself to something new, and it truly felt like the sun was shining down on me (it most definitely was not).

If you guys have any tips on cross-country skiing (please, please, PLEASE) let me know. I’m slowly figuring it out, but I’ll take anything I can get. Happy February!





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  1. I’m an Arcteryx fan too! Great post. 😃

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