Winter Mondays

If you haven’t experienced a winter in Michigan yet, I’d normally say that you’re missing out. Throughout the state, by today (January 24th), there would be a blanket of snow and freezing temperatures. This time last year, I was accustomed to running long distance in temperatures below 10 degrees, for the first time in my life. Unfortunately, as much as anyone chooses to deny it, global warming and climate change are very real. It has thrown this entire country in a dizzy, let’s call it that. I have friends Snapchatting me photos from the Pacific Northwest of insane snow covers, and meanwhile in Michigan there’s been a few days of heavy fog and that’s about it. Kind of disappointing, as I am staying at home to finish school and there isn’t any real excitement about being outside just so I cannot find my way back to my house. Throw in the fact that Michigan is one of the grayest states, and without my favorite winter aspect of snow, and I will say I’ve been in the perpetual state of the Mondays this past week (plus I’m taking Environmental Ethics-everything feels bleak in that class).

typical running weather last year – Ann Arbor, MI

On Saturday, I did go to the Women’s March in Lansing at the Michigan State Capitol, which was amazing. I wished that I been able to get down to DC, but I have no current contacts down there and nowhere to stay. It worked out though, because I went with my parents and my little sister, and got back into the spirit of life I think. It’s easy to feel like everything is gray, especially with the political situation going on in this country, but it helped to come together with people of the same mindset and attitude. It was uplifting to feel the hope and purpose of a mass of people, especially with 10,000 other people down in Lansing (the capital grounds are not that big). It really reminded me of what I want to get out of life, and that I am capable of achieving what I want. I told my parents that I was bored in Lansing and that I needed to get away, up to our cabin in Northport, MI. It didn’t help that all the friends that I had growing up in Lansing have all moved away, or that I’ve really been missing my best friend Chelsea who lives in Minnesota. I have my family and these past few months have really taught me how much I cherish and need them, but that isn’t enough to keep me in a place where I feel unhappy, or where I feel diminished. So I packed my bags on Sunday and headed up north.

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset
Women’s March, Michigan State Capitol

At first I really did feel lonely when I got up here, in the wintertime this town is super isolated. I recognize how much I enjoy being around other people, especially my parents, but this is for me. To help feel secure with myself because it shouldn’t matter if I’m alone or with other people, I need to feel content with myself. I only have 2ish more weeks of school, which isn’t really that long of a time in the grand scheme of things. It hasn’t helped that I’ve applied to countless jobs around northern Michigan and I haven’t heard back from anything yet, but I still have time. I have been able to have my individual time for yoga practice each day, which always puts me in a present mindset which I really need. I need to remember to take everything day by day, and cherish each day that I receive.

neighborhood park is too perfect.

I woke up yesterday morning, and checked my Instagram because I had a ton of notifications. It’s something little, but my pictures were starting to get recognized and I had a national parks Instagram request for my pictures to post, and another environmental company that wanted me to be an ambassador. It wasn’t much, but I felt excited that a hobby and passion of mine were being recognized and felt a jolt of inspiration. I’m going to keep on doing what makes me happy, or at least continue to work on what truly moves me. If you’re interested in picking up a very pretty beach towel/blanket, head over to Sand Cloud Towels. They’re beautiful, but they also work with organizations that remove waste from the oceans, which helps the animals and the environment. It’s pretty awesome work, and I’m super stoked to get my tie dyed towel in the mail. We’re expecting a lot of snow this week, which I’m also super stoked about. I’m alone up there and plan on teaching myself cross country skiing (fingers crossed), so let me know if you have any hints and tricks! I’ll be sure to post pictures of my attempts (they won’t be pretty). Happy mid-week everyone!!


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