Hey guys, I’m entering the blogsphere again after about 2 months of no content, and I’m excited to pick up where I left off. 2017 is about new beginnings or something like that and I don’t really have anyone to apologize to for ignoring my own website, except for maybe myself. When I was in Europe bumming around and exploring for a month, I failed to realize the Wi-Fi situation that I would be in. It was hard to find public Wi-Fi and it was even harder to motivate myself to stay inside and write, while I could be out experiencing new cultures and places. I hate excuses though, so I’ll just say that I got busy and wasn’t willing to slow down to continue “Ethereal Roots.”

just one of the beautiful places I experienced > writing

Then December came around, I got on a plane, and arrived back in the lovely mitten of Michigan. I hit an actual roadblock this time, as I have battled a few health conditions for the past month and a half. When I was 18 years old, I had endured undiagnosed gallbladder stones for an entire year. I saw 5+ different doctors while also finishing high school and starting my freshman year of college. It was a difficult experience, and it left me in the hospital for two weeks, bedridden, when someone was finally able to tell me what was wrong. Turns out that having your gallbladder removed can lead to a multitude of different digestion problems that they do not tell you, however, and problems started creeping up late last year that came to full bloom when I returned home. At the same time, I enrolled in my last classes to finish my bachelor’s degree. Between all of that, building my entry job network profiles, and the holidays, I’ve had little to no time to devote fully to my blog.

gotta throw in my drunken 24th birthday

As we all know, it’s 2017, Trump is president, and the weather is out of whack. It’s also the time for me to act on intentions that I set for myself before the new year rang in. I don’t believe in resolutions because I never really stick to them, but intentions are different. They force me to focus on what makes me happy and how to achieve that happiness and wholeness, and 2017 has allowed me that time to work on them. I am choosing to nurture my body and honor my health, especially at this time when it felt like I couldn’t keep anything in my stomach. I have gone to the basics: no meat (going on 6 years now), no dairy, no gluten, and no raw produce. It was not an easy transition, let me tell you, but 14 days in and I’m feeling a little better. On top of the things that I cut out, I put an emphasis on probiotics and natural remedies like apple cider vinegar, mushroom vitamins, and digestive enzymes. As I keep this up, I can only assume that things will get better.

Gratitude was another intention, and to guide each day with what I’m thankful for. It would be easy for me to be annoyed that I’m 24 and living with my parents, where all of my friends have moved away from, but it is even more important to recognize the optimism here. I’m lucky to be somewhere for free, where I am fed and a roof is placed over me, so that I can focus on my health and on my time-consuming classes. I might not be where I want to be, but I am very lucky, and this is just a step in the journey to get me to where I want to be. On my 24th birthday last month, I went to Short’s Brewing Company (the best place ever), where my family spent much of the day trying to set me up with our bartender. I laughed it off, because again, it would be easy to remember that I haven’t been in a relationship for a few years now. However, I do love this time to myself where I am allowed to be selfish and focus on what I want over what someone else wants, and who knows when I’ll get this time again (I should mention that in this time I’ve also had 3 different guys, important to my past, contact me so who knows what positive karma forces I’m sending into the world). Recognizing gratitude has also helped me to decrease any emotional stressed that I previously placed on myself, because as everyone should know, stress is very bad for the gut system as well.

To decrease stress, I also chose to get back to my yoga passion. I’m not in a place where outdoor running is easily accessible and there aren’t any climbing gyms in mid-MI, but I always have my yoga practice. It’s easy to forget when endurance activities and fast exercise are my go-to, but yoga also aids my health and my lifestyle. I’m starting to become more flexible in areas that were long forgotten and feeling strength in places that need to be pushed to the limit more often. I’m happy and content, and I credit much of it to the cleansing yoga I devote time each day to.

One last intention that I set for myself was about challenging my habits and finding creativity in each day. I am using my phone way less than I used to, and forcing myself to get away from the social media that I used to gravitate heavily to. I’m reading every night before falling asleep to help clear my mind, but also to get back into literature to challenge my mind and hopefully learn new things. Currently I’m reading about moonology (fascinating if you’re into the cosmic forces and astrology), but I love that I’m devoting time to actually reading, which I haven’t done in forever.

The last intention is what brings me back to my blog, and that is to challenge myself when I have the time to write about anything that I want, but to put it in a public venue so that I get myself out of my comfort zone. I am pretty busy with school these days, so I can’t worry about the little things like time due dates for this, but I’m excited to see what’s next. 2017 might be at a rough start for a multitude of things going wrong in the world, but I also can’t wait to see where it takes me, and you guys. Happy New Year, namaste. 

my happy spot on NYE ’17

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