I feel bad that I haven’t had time to post in exactly a week, but I can’t even imagine how everything has changed in exactly a week. Last Sunday, I was typing and listening to the crashing of Lake Michigan waves (one of the most soothing activities, let me tell you).

view from our beach, Lake MI

This Sunday, I’m writing a post in my bed in my hostel (first timer) in Madrid, Spain. My view here is starting to look something more like:

Puerta del Sol – central point of Madrid


That’s right, with encouragement of my mom (she’s totally boss), I bought a round trip ticket (even under $800, thank you jetBlue!!) for a month long stay in Europe. My first stop was Madrid because my very lovely friend, Bailey, is studying here for the year to finish off her degree. Having a connection gave me the push to finally come to Europe and explore, even on my own. Other destinations on my itinerary include: Morrocco, Dublin, and Prague. Given that I have 25 more days left, expect the upcoming weeks detailing my adventures and recommendations for each place I visit. Buenas noches!



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  1. Lucky you! it sounds like a wonderful trip. Hope you had a great time in all those amazing places.

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